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Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of the most frequently asked questions about Driven and our service.

Answer: We ask for a passenger contribution to cover the drivers expenses and a contribution to the administration of the project. The passenger contribution is based on where the driver lives. We pay our drivers expenses from when they leave home to go and collect the passenger. We try to pick the closest driver to where you live but it's not always possible. If you want a quote please call the office.

Answer: No, Driven is not a taxi service. You need to register with us first and any journeys need to be booked a week in advance with prices given at the time of booking.

Answer: If they are unable to use public transport or private hire and have completed the referral form we will see if we can allocate a driver to your parents. You can come along too if you want to accompany them. Alternatively, you can have a bit of respite while we take care of your loved ones for a while.

Answer: You can book the minibus if you are a community group or care home residents group. If your group is missing out on trips or activities because you cannot afford transport then we may be able to subsidise the cost of your trip with our grant funding scheme.

Answer: If you need additional support at each end of your journey and therefore unable to use public transport or private hire companies we will be able to use one of our accessible vehicle to help you. Our drivers will stay with you throughout the journey and make sure you get back home safely.
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